HireElements is fully committed to you and your search for a new position. We will keep you informed every step of the way.  We will get to know your story – and your passion!

Let’s Explore and Discover the Opportunities awaiting you. Decide with us if the Opportunity is the right fit.


  • Create a profile in the job seeker database. Here is where you can keep your resume and begin the application process.
  • Search for Opportunities and when you find that right fit, apply! You will receive an email confirmation after submitting your resume.


Once your resume is submitted, we will review it to determine whether there’s a match. If your qualifications match the position, we will contact you.

We use a combination of interviewing and selection tools to help us evaluate and determine the right people for the right positions. The timeline and process for the interviews vary depending on the position.

Interviews may be:

  • Initial phone interviews – where we will share more about the role and get to know you and learn more about you. It also gives us the opportunity to answer questions you may have about the position.
  • Onsite Interviews – where the discussion will dive deeper into your experiences, qualifications and aspirations.

Depending on the position, there may be an assessment.

The interview isn’t just us interviewing you. Interview us too! Ask questions. Now is the chance to learn more about the position, about the company, about the team, about the culture—that will help you decide whether the position will be a great fit. Take advantage of this opportunity.


After the interviews are done, we will contact you for an onsite meeting with the hiring manager to consider a verbal offer, which will be followed by a hard copy confirmation of the acceptance of employment. Unsuccessful candidates from the interview stage are notified of the decision made once the successful candidate has accepted the position.

Depending on the position, the offer will be contingent upon additional background screenings.  You will receive notification when all screenings are completed. Upon successful completion, a start date will be established.

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